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It's always lovely to have customers, off their own bat, write nice emails about the Splash Out! shower curtain products. Our latest one was from Liz Palmer of NSW, Australia.


I purchased 10 years ago your chandelier shoer curtain and I hate to say has only just died. Best shower curtain ever....................Many thanks

Liz Palmer (Costume Designer - 8 May 2018)

This is another testament to the longevity of the Splash Out! product. We had some customers that came to Auckland from the Coromandel - seeking the same design(!!!) of the curtain they had had in their bathroom for 17 years - it was an old English Telephone box, a design we had deleted - because they don't even exist anymore except in museums LOL. Anyway they left with a new design and we guess we will see them in another 17 years.

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