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Check out some common questions below.

Shower Curtain Questions

What are the choices of designer shower curtains available from Splash Out?

What is an ECO plastic shower curtain?

Do your designer shower curtains have shower liners? If they don't, do I need them?

How do I keep my designer shower curtain clean?

Is it possible order a wider/longer shower curtain?

But won’t you see the welded join in the plastic curtains?

Why should I choose a designer shower curtain? Isn’t a glass screen more upmarket?

Do your plastic designer curtains blow about in the shower?

But what if I don’t want plastic?

Why do most of your images show the opaque version of the printed designer shower curtain and not the glass clear designer shower?

How many eyelets do the made-to-measure shower curtains have?

Don't metal eyelets rust?

Can I ask for colour sample swatches?


Do you ship your shower curtains for FREE?

If we buy in bulk will we get free shipping?

Return Policy

What if I don't like my curtain?

My custom made curtain has arrived and it is too long, too short, too wide.....