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Sari Shower Curtains


Splash out! - designer shower curtains bring you their 'sari range' of double sided, lead weighted shower curtains and bath curtains.

For those who prefer not to use vinyl (plastic) shower curtains - our lead weighted shower proof polyester curtains are an excellent alternative.

Our Sari style shower curtains are double sided with contrasting vibrant coloured fabric on one side with a complementary colour on the other side. The curtains are reversible.

The image show both colours of the curtain.

Our shower proof polyester designer shower curtains can be machine-washed on the cold cycle which makes them very easy to care for.


All curtains come standard with non-rust nickel (silver) eyelets and weighted hems.

Mix and match your own curtain colours and size by requesting our sample swatch pack and let us know your custom size for a quote.


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