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Greek Cross with a stained glass pattern


Convert your bathroom into your own private inner sanctum with this sublime shower curtain.

A handprinted beautifully detailed curtain with red highlights. This design celebrates the gorgeous ritual involved with our daily ablutions.

The stained glass design refers to the cathedrals windows of old and sanctity of the act of cleansing whilst the even form (of the greek cross) hauls it back into the 21st century. 

(picture shows the opaque shower curtain, printed image size is approx 630mm x 630mm)

All curtains come standard with strong welded plastic eyelets.

Please note: If you are ordering metal hooks to pair with your plastic curtain, please consider adding the option of metal eyelets to your order at a nominal additional cost of $10.

SIZE: 1300mm x 2000mm (51 Inches x 78 inches)

MATERIAL: Frosted ECO Vinyl


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